Chillout Hostel

Chillout Hostel

Alfa Guesthouse

Kibbutz Beit Alfa

Alfa guest's houses located in Kibbutz Beit Alfa in the…
18 100 280


Mitzpe Ramon, 4 Har Boker st.

Me'ever is a creative space that contains a special hostel…
69 75 270

Kurlender Guesthouse

She'ar Yashuv 60

Located in the peaceful Galilee countryside, on the bank of the Hermon…
25 100 300

Golan Heights Hostel

Moshav Odem, North Golan Heights

Odem Forest reserve in the Golan heights is a stunning…
28 100 270

Golan Garden Hostel

Hofit 13 Katzrin

  Closed for renovations until further notice. Tours are available…
18 100 250